I’m Manoj Lovin, a Digital Strategist & Growth Hacker. I run Blammo Digital, a Design, Marketing & Advertising Agency in Chennai. You can always find me on Facebook, TwitterInstagramLinkedIn & Pinterest.

I’m a Digital Strategist, Growth Hacker, Social Entrepreneur, Creative Writer, Graphic Artist, Internet Journalist & Prolific Storyteller. Not necessarily in that order. I also love Blogging, Painting, Gaming & Photography. I was born and raised in Chennai. I’m a Movieholic and Filmmaker Wannabe. I follow a range of topics in the news that primarily falls under Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Internet of Things, Big Data and other emerging and evolving technologies. Basically, I dive deep into the latest updates to gain the in-depth knowledge of contemporary and upcoming technology trends, business strategies, and marketing tactics.

I predominantly deal with digital media & press relations, marketing & advertising, internet journalism & web publishing, creative content development & visual graphic designing, data science & market research, community management & sentiment analysis, web analytics & conversion optimization and more.

I help ambitious organizations interpret and adapt their brand to the digital arena. From start-ups to global enterprises I help them improve their online presence, brand awareness, and marketing outreach to tackle complex challenges, identify new opportunities, invent evolving solutions and explore all avenues.

As a business owner and brand manager, I wear many hats, I’m involved in numerous roles and responsibilities such as branding, marketing, designing, publishing, advertising, and growth hacking. I run Blammo Digital, a design, marketing & advertising agency in Chennai. Blammo Digital is an integrated studio with a well-rounded crew that uses design, film, and technology to help brands succeed in culture.