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If you’re wondering how to build a beautiful mobile responsive blog, then know this: “You are not alone”. Most people tend to think building a blog has to be really difficult and require more skills or lots of time, money and effort, but actually not. You may be blogger, vlogger, adviser, journalist, public figure, whoever you are, now all you need is a blog built and managed by yourself, am I right? Then you are in a right place. This article will help you build your very own blog in just 20 minutes or less and without writing a single line of code.

Go Pro To Look Like A Pro
If you’re currently using domain names like or or and if you really don’t like it so much, then get a clean and professional domain name that appears like or or along with professional plans starting from $3 to $25 per blog per month.

More than 87.6 million new articles are posted every month that which gets more than 44.6 million new comments respectively only on More than 27% of Internet are powered by WordPress where almost all the digital media corporations, tech giants, celebrities, journalists, bloggers, vloggers, speakers, motivators and writers are using it.

Internet browsing is no more restricted to computers, more than 65% of users are going to use their smartphones for internet browsing in the future and it already reached 55%. So you need to give more importance to keep your website more mobile friendly and WordPress will be the best tool for that which automatically serves your website or blog mobile responsive.

How Does It Work?
WordPress will automatically write the code for your design when you add, remove, align, arrange, structure, adjust or manipulate colors, styles, effects, animations and everything, just like creating a presentation slide, word document or excel spreadsheet.

Without writing a single line of code you can add sliders, video backgrounds, parallax effects, contact forms, music, photo or video gallery, menus, buttons, icons, pages, articles, user account memberships, user review section, online store, portfolio and more.

Things You’ll Need

  • An old crappy computer (Steal one if you don’t have)
  • Plan or Setup with domain name mapped.
  • A good mouse, because you just gonna drag and drop.
  • A cup of coffee (Did You Know? More than 2.25 Billion coffees are consumed every day) and it is the best energy drink to boost your productivity.
  • 2 pieces of wafers (Preferred)

What Should You Use? &
Same-Same, But Different. & are non-identical twins, looks similar, sounds similar, but both have different features, functionalities and support priorities.

If you’re using you no need to call anyone for help, but even though it provides 24/7 fanatical customer support via email and live chat. But you can almost able to understand and build yourself beginning to end and everything in between them. It also offers ready-made themes for your website or blog which are highly customizable. helps you design and manage your website or blog with spoon-feeding tips, step-by-step tour and clear guidelines, everything in one place. is a free open source software that can be installed on your own server to create the same mobile responsive websites, blogs, online store and portfolios. But if you use you need to deal with servers, databases, configurations and all other messy setup. But you get extensive support, advice, guidance from groups, communities, discussion forums, Q&A websites, “how-to” blogs, video tutorials, hosting provider support, themes and plugins provider support, free workshops, webinars and more.

Now It’s All Up To You!
Now all you need to do is just to pick the mouse; drag and drop, explore all the tabs, columns and sections of your WordPress dashboard, try turning on or turning off things and check what it does, try adding some images, videos and articles, add something that describes about you and your blog. If it appears like a blog that you desired, then my tutorial is over. Yes! It’s really over, there’s nothing to explain or advise or force you to make specific designs, layouts or structures. But I can share you best practices of using WordPress effectively later.

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I'm Manoj Lovin, a Digital Strategist and Growth Hacker. I run Blammo Digital, a Design, Marketing & Advertising Agency in Chennai.


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